Every now and again the need arises to bring your people together and re-establish relationships. Team building can take many different forms – from implementing business messages, having fun together or simply giving the team time to bond. RLC has over 20 years’ experience of putting effective team activities together, short or long, in the UK and overseas.

Building and Making

Our approach is to start with the business need and the audience demographic, then work backwards to find the right mechanism to create the maximum impact. Here are a few of theformats we have used successfully:

  • Making ‘pitches’ to clients using newspaper journalism including teams creating, designing and writing their own publication
  • Designing and creating corporate video adverts
  • Building ,decorating and racing the fastest vehicle
  • Creating and devising a brand-specific musical

Icebreakers and Get-To-Knows

Ideal for either the start or the end of the business day – or even over pre-dinner drinks, icebreakers or energisers help to break down barriers and prepare the audience for what lays ahead. A few ideas:

  • Human bingo
  • Drum workshop
  • Giant board games
  • Jamming
  • ‘Name that..’quiz
  • Generation Game

Just Having Fun

Whether a reward or a mechanism to unlock creativity to solve business challenges, we all need to let our hair down now and then with our colleagues. The opportunities for fun-based activities are simply endless; the only limit is imagination. For example:

  • Obstacle course
  • Giant games
  • Competitive treasure hunts
  • Things with wheels/foam/water

Thinking Differently

Sometimes we need to bring our teams together to learn or adopt different behaviours. Here’s a selection from the range of team building mechanisms that foster the concept of thinking differently:

  • Brand or product-driven specific performances
  • Bespoke treasure hunts company themed
  • Puzzle solving


Just a note to that you and your team for such a wonderful job. It was great – phew! Your professionalism and calmness was fantastic and it was a real pleasure to work with you. Thank you for your ideas and energy, and for pulling it all together so quickly, THANK YOU!
– Programme Manager

It was a real pleasure to work with Rachel Ley and the team at RLC. From initial briefing through to the end of the event, Rachel worked in partnership with us, quickly establishing rapport and building a great working relationship. Rachel listened very carefully to what we wanted from the event an d asked lots of questions about what we wanted to achieve with the Conference. She came up with som e really innovative ideas on how we could achieve the results we wanted in a fun and different way, and she gave us options on what could realistically be achieved in quite a short timescale.
– HR Business Partner