De Lage Landen Recognition Programme

Financial services company De Lage Landen runs an incentive scheme to recognise outstanding sales performance during the year. Up to 100 award winners and their partners travel to a desirable location to celebrate their achievement, share ideas, motivate the team and meet senior management.

In 2012, we organised a two-centre event based around the company’s sponsorship of the Clipper Round the World Yacht Race. From London, the winners travelled to Southampton, where a chartered boat took them to meet the race in the Solent. For 2013, we moved the event to Paris, with the Clipper Day held in Brest, where the winners went on board the sponsored yacht at the end of the first leg. Both events incorporated a number of separate elements, including a welcome brunch, tours around the sights, a river cruise, a motivational speech, a CSR activity and dine-arounds, as well as a Gala Night, all planed, coordinated and delivered by RLC.

On both occasions, we received amazing feedback, with 95% of respondents rating the events either good or excellent.


We haven’t officially toasted yesterday evening on our successful Member Award Program. Part of what we do professionally, means we tend to be busy at all times… Yet, I do want to take the opportunity to thank you and your team once more. Thank you for your dedication. Thank you for your passion. It would not have been the same if you weren’t involved all along.

Speaking on behalf of our team, we have been privileged to work with you and all the others that have surrounded us and helped us to achieve what we have. Your professional way of working, dedicated approach and top level hospitality has inspired me. Thank you for that.
DLL Organising Team

Thanks for such un unforgettable event. You all made a great job., Perfect!! In every detail!
Award winner