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Vocals in Business

“All the world’s a stage”…a famous quote from Shakespeare’s As You like It. Events, by definition are a ‘happening’ and it takes people connecting with people to make them happen. 

In addition to full service event design and delivery, RLC has recently launched Vocals in Business, a collection of workshops designed to use theatre skills and techniques centred around the voice with presentation and confidence up-skilling. 

Using her background as a professional actress, and designed very much with the layman in mind, Rachel Ley has designed these practical sessions to unblock nervous tensions for even the most unlikely people and ensure that anyone and everyone can communicate with confidence.

Core topics covered are as follows (yet each session is carefully crafted to the individual circumstances):

  • Presenting with confidence
  • Effective meetings management
  • Designing and delivering elevator pitches
  • Networking in a busy environment
  • Handling nerves and positive personal projection
  • Vocal impact and creating drama
  • Better body language for business 

To learn more, please download the Vocals in Business course booklet and contact us.