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7th August 2017

Talent sourcing for your team

If an organisation’s greatest asset is its people, the leader of the internal comms team has a doubly tough challenge – in finding recruits who will not only live up to the organisation’s values but know how best to communicate them.

We are talking about multi-taskers who are robust enough in themselves to deal with a changing landscape and who possess the skills and attributes to know how to best engage with a large and disparate audience.

Conveying your messages

Talent sourcing for your team is an area of expertise in itself.  The candidate will need to adept in fields such as change management, participative learning and rolling out organisational strategy.  They’ll also need to know how to get best results from the different communication media.  How is your messaging going to be conveyed most effectively? And in such a way that it inspires and connects people to leave a lasting impression?

As experts in engaging people through live events, RLC’s entire focus is on these challenges, and our own recruitment policy has been honed over the years to identify those people who know the most effective ways of bringing organisational strategy to life.  And we enjoy the luxury of being able to recruit people with a rich and broad skills heritage. Our MD has a background in Theatre; one of our partners is a former DJ.  While not obvious qualifications for an event management specialist, these are exactly the attributes that enable us to think creatively and design innovative engagement solutions individually tailored to suit each specific audience.

A fresh perspective

So, if your recruitment strategy is turning out to be an uphill slog, remember there are other ways of bolstering your team with valuable experience and a fresh perspective.  External support could be just the solution you are looking for.

If this approach sounds intriguing, we’d love to start the conversation – so please get in touch: by e-mail, phone +44 (0)1420 593610 or in person, at The Communication Directors’ Forum.


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