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8th December 2016

Speed dating at Sea

RLC Founder Rachel Ley recently boarded P&O’s Aurora, to participate in the annual Communication Directors’ Forum – a three-night, two day talkathon of pre-scheduled conversations between industry peers, buyers and service providers.

During a series of ‘speed-dating’ and hosted-table sessions Rachel met 50+ communications leaders from corporate and third sector organisations, to discuss their challenges in driving engagement amongst internal audiences.

“From change management and organisational strategy to big-picture learning exercises and recognition programmes, we explored ideas for inspiring audiences in live environments” Rachel said.  “We exchanged valuable contacts and made meaningful connections, pledging to pick up and develop these conversations in the coming months.”

Very similar messages emerged from these discussions.  From the economy to technology, the speed of change is accelerating, and the need to inform, reassure and energise internal audiences has never been greater.  Whether it’s to convey post-Brexit implications, introduce a new leadership team or announce the forward direction of the business, communications leaders need to ensure their people are fully-engaged and equipped to thrive in their roles.

“I came away from the Forum with a hefty action list” added Rachel. “We’re passionate about participative learning and large group interaction in live environments, and I now have the foundations for evolving plans with some of the amazing people I met.  I can’t wait to help them create events that will positively influence their audiences.”

PS: You’ll have worked out by now that we’re great talkers!  If you’d like to have a conversation about your organisation’s internal communication needs, please –  pick up the phone today – we’d love to chat: +44 (0)1420 593610.


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