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25th July 2016

Choosing our response to change

Walking across the concourse at Waterloo station the other day, I spotted a man wearing a t-shirt with ‘I am a Nerd’ emblazoned across the front. I don’t know what response he was trying to provoke – shock, amusement, bewilderment – but he’d made a definite choice to send a message that morning…

Each of us chooses our response to external stimulus.  And right now, we’re all coming to terms with the consequences of the biggest decision the UK has collectively made in a generation – to leave the EU.  Naturally we’re all wondering how this will affect our businesses.

So now is a good time to remind ourselves that change is the one certainty in life. From 9-11 and 7-7 to the Icelandic ash cloud, we’ve had to adapt to sudden challenges before.  Just how we respond to any altered landscape is down to us.  This latest development will require us to be nimble; perhaps to do things differently. It will certainly force us to think laterally.

But the one constant in a state of flux is that business is about PEOPLE. And while leaders can select their corporate response to change, they have a responsibility to reassure and support those in their organisations who may feel anxious or uncertain about what lies ahead.

We must all choose our reaction to the new dynamic.  As a business owner and leader who’s had the pleasure of working with clients and operating events around the world, I recognise that my chosen response to the Referendum will directly affect our own business and our clients’ prosperity.  My choice? To seize opportunity with both hands and use it as a stimulus for progress.


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