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14th January 2021

From climbing the walls to running Hadrian’s wall: A new hope for 2021

It’s staggering to think that as a result of everything that happened during the past year, we have involuntarily been thrust into the future. Trends, which would have otherwise taken five years to evolve and manifest themselves into our daily lives, took just five months and have enveloped us.

As in-person event planners, we became virtual technology and digital marketing experts overnight, whilst in many cases also juggling the role of home-school teacher and parental carer of others. It was overwhelming. It was all-consuming. But you did it.

Unfortunately, a new year hasn’t eradicated the events of the past ten months. We’re still in lockdown, conference centres remain closed and WFH is more tightly woven into the fabric of our everyday lives.

As a valued connection of The Rachel Ley Consultancy, we’d like to remind everyone to be kind to yourself. We are all in this together to stay well. That means mentally well too.

Personally, I’m taking part in the Conqueror virtual challenge to run the 90-mile distance of Hadrian’s Wall. Aside from a very nice medal on completion and motivational postcards along the way, the fitness element is keeping body and mind healthy and the company behind the scheme plants a tree for every 20% of the distance achieved.

However you’re coping, we want you to know that you’re doing the best you can in challenging times and I invite you to virtually reach out for any reason should you need.

Remember, 2021 will be better. For small businesses such as mine, 2021 offers hope. We’ve up-skilled, we’ve diversified to offer new services and we’re ready to embrace this accelerated and vaccinated future with your continued support.

Let’s plan something to look forward to.

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